About the Author

Petunias pinkM. D. Millar always dreamt of becoming a writer. She has read the books in her family’s library many times over and hidden under the covers with a flashlight in her hand, she let her imagination soar.

After being in school for many years, where she learned how to teach and write, she decided that it was time to put all that theory into practice. After trying her “penwomanship” writing for a medical newspaper and a very serious academic journal and finally putting together a manual for ESL teachers, she knew that the “serious” writing was over.

The Secret of Bridd is her first fictional youth novel about loyalty and sacrifice. The characters in the story fight, and die, to protect the most important things in our lives: family and friends.  Not always Good defeats Evil, but when all the good guys join together in the fight, Evil has no choice but to retreat and surrender.

M. D. currently lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with her son and husband.